Hello! Thanks for trying the Twemex browser extension beta.

<aside> 💡 This is still a beta release. There are many things that aren't perfect yet.

Please DM me your feedback to help me improve the extension! I want to hear all of your thoughts, no matter how minor. What's most useful? Feature requests / bugs?


Why Twemex?

Twitter can be a surprisingly effective memex: a tool for making connections between your own ideas and those of other people, all in public.

But to use Twitter in this way, you have to know how to go beyond the feed. The true gems are in the archives: the years of content lost to the sands of time.

Until now, finding these gems required mastering a bunch of arcane search hacks. The Twemex browser extension makes it 10x easier. Let's take a tour.

⚙️ Sidebar Modes

Twemex has lots of fun sidebar modes which show you relevant tweets as you browse Twitter. Different modes are available on different kinds of pages (Timeline, User Profile, etc.)

Try switching between them and exploring to find the ones you like most:


Here are a few of the modes that are available:

🔍 Enhanced Search Bar

Twemex replaces Twitter's search bar with an enhanced version.

You can still use it just like normal Twitter search, but results show up immediately as you type. (Type Cmd+Enter after entering a search if you want to show the full Twitter results page.)

In addition to instant results, Twemex also adds handy shortcut keywords: